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Codependency Runs in the Family

Emotional health comes from healthy habits and skills in emotional regulation. Most of these habits are taught to us from positive roles models in our family when we are growing up. If we didn’t have positive role models when we were young, we can end up lacking the relationship skills we need to keep our family relations warm and connected.

Bad habits can also be passed down through families.

Codependent Husband

What is it about the codependent husband's incessant drive to please and obvious neediness that makes him a target for poor treatment?

Codependent Father

What damage can it do when Dads need the emotional support of their children to cope?
Emotionally Needy Codependent Mother

Codependent Wife

How that "please-be-nice-to-me", try-hard neediness of the codependent wife can bring out the worst in their man.
Codependent Mother

Codependent Mother

When mothers rely on their children for emotional support, things turn ugly for themselves and the next generation.
The Codependent Son: Man Standing Talking On Phone To Wife With His Mother Sick In Bed Behind Him

Codependent Son

Adult sons with codependent patterns often find themselves in turmoil, feeling neglected and unable to meet the needs of a parent and a wife.

Just like healthy habits, dysfunctional behaviour is also behaviour that is usually learned from our family. Filling any gaps we may have in our emotional development will help break the chain for us to step into a brighter future.

View our posts about codependent wives, husbandsmothers, fathers, daughters and sons in popular culture and share your stories.  With understanding comes healing and personal growth.

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