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Narcissistic Definition


  1. A charismatic person who seeks to be the centre of attention. “A narcissistic showman; the lead actor stole the crowd’s hearts and minds.”
  2. Relating to ‘narcissistic personality disorder’: a charismatic individual who is manipulative, high in aggression/passive aggression and yet low in perfectionism. “While a favourite of the board of directors, the new CEO’s narcissistic behaviour caused chaos in staff relations.”
  3. Self-centred. A negative stereotype. “Gen Y are by and large distracted by narcissistic forms of social media.”
Symbol for the Narcissistic Personality
This is my way, Red and white street sign with word Symbol of narcissistic:My Way isolated on white

Narcissistic at The NC Marriage does not refer to the stereo-type but the adjective used by psychologists. Narcissistic describes the behaviour of a self centred person who is haughty, arrogant and competitive and who can’t admit it when they are wrong.

This behaviour however is not consistent. Narcissistic people will be charismatic and charming in public (and with superiors) and only express their haughty behaviour in private with people they feel are inferior to them in status.

Manipulative and dishonest,  narcissistic tendencies include shifting blame for one’s own failings. in other words, this is a person who might be described as two-faced and has the habit of lying and blaming other people for their wrong doings!

Definition of Narcissistic Behaviour

The narcissist will put their needs and interests (no matter how irresponsible or immature) before the needs of the people around them. You may also notice their habit of criticizing people behind their back.

Yet arrogance is NOT the only test for narcissism.

Because they will often be charming and polite in public, their arrogance and haughtiness may be hard to spot.

A true Jekyl and Hyde; the narcissistic personality is charming in public, while being critical, rude, arrogant, sarcastic and passive/aggressive in private, usually to the people who give them the most love and support.”

This person will pretend to have high standards, while in reality being low in perfectionism. They will be flaky, hypocritical and even outright phoney or fake. They will not follow through on promises and may trade off other people’s reputation and hard work. They will spend energy seeking people to admire them who they can also vent their negativity and aggression on, either directly through put downs, sarcasm or passive/aggression (provoking fights so they can vent their aggression) or by talking people down.

This individual will shift blame and become aggressive if anyone attempts to hold them accountable for their failings. They will not accept responsibility for their mistakes and will blame their character flaws and/or bad behaviour on others.

Sexually this person may seduce and abandon partners including the person they marry. This may be a cover for performance anxiety. There is often a pattern of seducing and abandoning lovers, friends or anyone they can make their ‘fan’. (Note: some narcissists are cerebral and think themselves “above sex” altogether and instead pride themselves on their intelligence and academic achievements or being ‘unwinnable’).

A lack of empathy and high self interest, mixed with a particular cunning, charm and ability to manipulate others, will make this person a difficult and aggressive person to live with. They will think nothing of financially or sexually exploiting their partner, while also blaming their own weakness and shortcomings on this same person.”

By definition narcissistic behaviour (relating to the disorder) may include hindering any attempt by their marriage partner to improve his or her strength or self worth. After knocking their partner down, this person will then try and stop their partner getting back on their feet to get on with their life (or get away). They may also encourage their partner and then ‘knock them back down’ (like Lucy towards Charlie Brown in ‘the Peanuts’).

Definition of Narcissistic Personality Traits . . .

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Are you looking for a more peaceful & loving home life? We have been providing online support for narcissism & codependency for over 10 years. When you have finished here, please come visit our new website at Don’t let narcissism destroy your home!

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