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Forms of Interpersonal Abuse

The exploitative ways narcissistic and codependent personalities work to get their emotional needs met often end up hurting the people they most want to love. It is important to remember this behaviour is learned from example and people usually do not behave this way to deliberately be hurtful.

When feeling hurt or disrespected, these personalities will often become aggressive in seeking consideration and respect from people around them. This obviously will not work and a negative downward spiral can then set in.

The forms of aggression a person’s behaviour takes will depend on their role models growing up.

Don't Hide Away!

If you are in an abusive relationship one of the most important pieces of advice I can give you is don’t hide away at home! Visit Kim’s blog to read more  Read More . . .

In the past many of our articles and books used the term abuse.  From now on we have decided to use more specific terms such as aggression, passive aggression, assault, violence and mind games when describing interpersonal aggression or passive aggression. We have made this change because in real life situations we have found abuse can leave room for doubt, where aggression, passive aggression etc. are more descriptive and exact and leave less potential for non productive debate.”

Interpersonal aggression and passive aggression happens within families and close interpersonal relationships. In these type of homes family does not offer protection. Instead home becomes a place where family members are subject to physical, emotional, and sexual assault and may also be financially and psychologically in danger.

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Forms of Abuse

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