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Narcissism Runs in the Family

Emotional health comes from healthy habits and positive skills in emotional regulation.  These habits and skills are usually taught to us directly from positive role models when we are growing up.  If we didn’t have positive role models when we were young we can end up lacking the skills we need to keep our close relationships warm and connected.  Patterns of emotional dysfunction are passed down in families.  Bad habits are also taught by role models; dysfunctional behaviour is learned behaviour and had to start somewhere too.

Emotional dysfunction affects all family members.  Filling any gaps you have in your emotional development and learning to regulate your emotions will help ‘break the chain’ and offer your family a brighter future.

View the following posts about narcissistic husbands, wivesmothers, fathers, daughters & sons in poetry and popular culture.  Please share your questions and stories in the comment section at the end of each page! If your family is suffering we want to help you break the chain!

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