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Narcissistic Son

narcissistic wife gives viewer the eye while ignoring her husband
prince charming the narcissistic son
Joan Collins and son
Bill Heslop as the narcissistic father

Our son: the apple of our eye, our dream, our hope, our joy.
Our brightest, best and fairest . . .  but you know, boys will be boys.

He’ll climb the highest ladder, to succeed where we once failed.
Forget the weak foundations, there’s mountains to be scaled!

And if someone ever spots the cracks, we’ll make sure he’s never shamed.
What’s an honest education, when it’s so easy to shift blame?

And when he leaves his family hungry and his wife puts blame on us.
We’ll point to the medals he’s brought home and do our best to hide the rust.

Kim Cooper

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Larry Buckman

Tom Conte plays Larry Buckman the irresponsible, dishonest and yet favorite son in the all time classic Parenthood.

Prince Charming

The Fairy Godmother’s son in Shrek 2 & 3 turns everyone against each other trying to make himself look good at others’ expense.


The false self (or false pride) represented by the lying wooden puppet at last becomes a ‘real boy’ through empathy and selflessness in Roberto Benigni’s Pinocchio.

Peter Denahy

A great impression of the Narcissistic Son at home talking to his parents!

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