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Narcissistic Daughter

Modern girls are saviours, focused, wise and sweet.
Corporate girls who are mothers too and pay for college walking the streets.

Limiting beliefs will hold you back and only sissies cry.
Let others tend the home-fires, our girl will win the prize.

If she fails she can be replaced but for now she’ll feed our hope.
To raise the status of our family above the common folk.

And as she sits high on her throne, looking down upon everyone.
We’ll be sure that no one tells her that, really, we wanted a son.

Kim Cooper

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In Popular Culture

Cinderella’s Wicked Step Sisters

The epitome of narcissism in Ever After and numerous other versions of this classic tale.

Quinn Morgendorffer

From the series ‘Daria’. Self centered, shallow and mostly confused, Quinn rules her own world often disowning her sister Daria and pretending she is an only child.

Veda Pierce

In Mildred Pierce, Mildred’s daughter Veda reveals her true colours, with a grandiose sense of herself and her entitlements and an obsession with money and position. She has a huge store of unfounded pride which leads her to show contempt for her mother Mildred’s struggles to support her and her sister.

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