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Narcissistic Father

Father is our benefactor and feels he must know best.
Slave to a thousand masters, yet convinced he’s serving his own crest.

Believing only weaklings need advice; he strives to prove he’s free.
While in truth indentured, the lies costs his soul: the fee.

If proved a cad, he’ll run away, crying sour grapes.
But for now, he walks this tightrope, holding center stage.

And looking down upon us his pride constantly needing to be fed.
He looks for cracks in our hearts and souls, from which we can be bled.

Kim Cooper

In Popular Culture

Muriel’s Wedding

Bill Heslop (Bill Hunter) entertains a Japanese resort developer (Ken Senga) and his interpreter at a Chinese restaurant. The meal is free, because Bill Heslop has done the owner a favour with the immigration authorities. Bill brings his whole family to the banquet, then abuses them, particularly Muriel (Toni Collette), for being useless.

Bill Heslop

In the Australian film classic Muriel’s Wedding, Bill Heslop plays the classic narcissist. Click the image to view a clip from this movie on Australian Screen.

Noah Cross

Lurking in the background of crime and deceit is Evelyn Mulwray’s father, in Roman Polanski’s classic crime thriller, Chinatown.

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