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Narcissistic Wife

narcissistic wife gives viewer the eye while ignoring her husband
prince charming the narcissistic son
Joan Collins and son
Bill Heslop as the narcissistic father

You should know her life is haunted by some fantasies she’s had
of the knight who truly loves her and crowds of screaming fans,
who by magic all materialise with just one stranger’s smile.

She’s too proud to tell you that she’s feeling rather small
She’s too proud to tell you her back’s against the wall

She’s not above playing make believe her pain is all your fault
and if you show her any wound she’ll be sure to find the salt.

Kim Cooper

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Classic film noir with Rita Hayworth as Gilda – charming, seductive, flirtatious and manipulative. The sparkling glamour may be missing in real life, but the deception and destructive game playing is familiar.

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