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Codependent Father

My dad’s so sad and lonely, he really needs a friend
mum broke his heart so badly I doubt that it will mend.

He talks about his troubles and of course about his doubts
I wish that there was something to turn his life about.

I’d like a dad who asked about me and kept his problems to himself
but instead I have a dad who needs me and leaves my life on the shelf.

Kim Cooper

The Codependent Father in Popular Culture



Mr. Woodhouse

The archetypical needy and self centered father, Mr Woodhouse from Jane Austen’s Emma hates anyone to get married and leave him – his grown daughter and her governess included. Fortunately, Emma’s love for her father is complemented by a skill in negotiation which clearly impresses her fiance!

Mr Tee Vee

The father of young brat Mike Tee Vee watches on, doing what it takes to keep the peace as his son rules the roost in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The Codependent View on Life

As a child were you expected to keep one or both of your parents happy, despite them being needy and demanding and at times quite a handful for even an adult to manage? .  .  .  Read More

Signs of Your Codependence –

Do you have addictions that you blame on the bad behaviour of husband, wife or children? Do you find yourself expecting your husband or wife to be kind and play fair even after they have given you no reason to trust them?

Please post your comments and stories below. . .

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