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Codependent Son

My wife and my dear mother – I’m always torn between the two
There’s no keeping them both happy no matter what I do

I do my best to sympathize but then who thinks of me?
Is it any wonder I get cranky sometimes? It’s unfair as it could be.

No one guesses what I’m feeling – like I know they should
If they really cared about me it’s obvious they could

I take care of everything at home and try and keep the peace
Is it any wonderI sometimes look for a release!

Kim Cooper

The Codependent Son in Popular Culture


Johnny Cammareri

Johnny Cammareri: a man whose guiding force in life is his mother’s emotional manipulation.  Cher plays her Academy Award winning role in our all time favourite Moonstruck.

Breaking Point – Aaron

This episode of 20/20 shows what can happen when someone who has been codependent in their behavior is pushed to an extreme.

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