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Codependent Wife

I once thought I was a good man,

I once thought I was okay

I once thought I could get by in life by seeing through the day

But now I find I’m tired when the day has just begun

And in the evening she waits for me, she waits for me and prays
That my love will save her – from what she can’t even say.

And I guess I’m not a good man
I’m selfish through and through
because I use her pain to justify doing things I shouldn’t do.

Could I really save her? And what would be the toll?
I don’t care enough to risk her neediness devouring my soul.

Kim Cooper

The Codependent Wife In Popular Culture

Nancy, in Oliver!

Kind-hearted Nancy, in Dickens’ Oliver Twist, is utterly devoted to her man Bill Sykes, an ice-cold, violent criminal. Undefended and ill-equipped, this was never going to end well.

Sandy Kessler

We are truly in codependent home territory here, as this kidnapper looks to her prisoner for emotional reinforcement, in the 1980s comedy Ruthless People.

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