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I have purchased several of your e-books. I have Back From the Looking Glass, Love Safety Net, and 10 Steps to Overcoming Codependence.

I want to let you know that I have found them to be great resources. I have finished them already, but I have come back and re-read key parts several times.

I have done lot of research, and sought advice from counsellors, pastors, friends and pretty much anyone I thought might be able to help. Your books are one of the few resources that offer any real hope, and also give a clear actionable approach to making changes. You helped me to recognize my own part as a codependent, and refocus on making healthy changes in myself instead of constantly obsessing over making her come to terms with all the things she needs to change.

It’s not easy. There is still much work to be done, and I know this is the toughest thing I’ve ever done or will ever do. But I have decided that I am in this fight come hell or high water, for my own emotional health, for my wife, for our children and for my marriage.

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